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Le système de caisse n°1 pour la restauration rapide

Plus de 1000 restaurants à service rapide utilisent MYR pour développer leur activité.

De restaurants indépendants aux grands groupes de franchise

Choisissez votre type de restaurant

Les restaurants qui optent pour MYR augmentent en moyenne leurs revenus jusqu’à 30%

Dans une analyse indépendante, MYR traite les commandes plus rapidement que les autres logiciels de caisse, ce qui en fait le système le plus rapide pour la restauration rapide en Amérique du Nord.

MYR est le logiciel de caisse le plus facile pour les restaurants

Nous le rendons facile à utiliser—c’est aussi simple que cela. Notre interface intuitive permet à tout employé, même aux non-experts de naviguer facilement dans le menu et de prendre les commandes clients correctement du premier coup.

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Aucunes fonctionnalités superflues—Uniquement celles dont vous avez besoin

Lors de l’évaluation d’un logiciel de caisse, vous devez en trouver un qui convient aux besoins de votre restaurant. Chez MYR, vous pouvez choisir les fonctionnalités dont vous avez besoin et celles dont vous n’avez pas besoin.

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Obtenez l’aide dont vous avez besoin, chaque fois que vous en avez besoin

Rien n’est plus effrayant que de traverser un échec qui vous fait perdre vos clients. Pour cette raison, nous testons constamment notre logiciel pour résoudre les bugs que vous pourriez rencontrer. Lisez ce que nos clients disent de nous.

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  • Un bon point de vente. Je le recommande pour les restaurants à service rapide.

    Priscilla Lacorde Avatar
    Priscilla Lacorde

    I have been using Koomi for a year now in my coffee shop and I’m very pleased overall. The support I receive is fast and very helpful; the software is flawless and easy to use and their team is constantly improving and adding little touches that enhance my experience.

    Serge W. Avatar
    Serge W.

    Efficient and easy to use.
    Also their customer service rep Gabrielle Campeau is superb!

    Fraser Swidler Avatar
    Fraser Swidler
  • Their the best! Koomi team truely works for your own succes. Customer service is unbeattable, they listen, find solution and act fast. Been with them for 2 years now and still impress me until this day. Proud to be one of their many clients!

    Kevin-Koudbi Lapierre Avatar
    Kevin-Koudbi Lapierre

    I used MYR for my Coffee shop and they are great, it is a really easy and fast system for myself and my staff. It is all cloud based too so you can program it even if you are not at the store. Glad to be working with MYR.

    Dan Abdelhay Avatar
    Dan Abdelhay

    As far as POS’s for quick service outlets go, this is by far the BEST one we tried (and trut me we tried…) Easy to access menu and affect changes in real time makes life easy and reduces you stress levels.

    From the moment we chose them, through the training process and onbording we were very happy with their approach and knowledge transfer. The staff is very patient and very gentle on thechnologial dinasors such as myself 😉

    Shortly after we started they developed the white label app for us which we use on our website to offer online orders.

    They also have an iPad based KDS system which replaced the outdated noumerous printers we had at each station, easily programable and very flexible.

    The system in general is friendly to use and easy to train new people on which if you run a resto these days you know how helpful that can be.

    They have recently completed integration to the last one of the major 3rd party delivery companies, which are the main ones in MTL, Uber, DD & Skip and that absolutely changes the game since all of the menu changes, updates, price change, product availability etc you make directly on MYR backoffice and can sync to change in real time to those 3rd party platforms as well!!

    I find their pricing to be very competitive and frankly I am impressed by the level of the customer service you get for it, if it’s a minor thing they might take a day or two but when it was an urgent matter they usually make sure to get back to us sharpish.

    Green Panther had (pre-covid) 6 resto and tried multiple systems before choosing MYR and i must say it made our lives here better for it. They were super supportive and flexible with us during the whole pandemic and even helped us launch a “ghost kitchen” at 0 cost!! for that and much more i am an even bigger fan today…. and i would reccomend anyone with a quick service counter to give them a try and thank me later 🙂

    Disclaimer- I do not have any referral program nor get paid to share this, just am sincerely impressed wiht the product.

    Chaim Shoham Avatar
    Chaim Shoham

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