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Piecemeal and MYR

The free tool for restaurant management.

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A single free tool to manage your restaurant

Manage various aspects of your restaurant such as inventories, employee schedules and recipe costs.

Automate your tasks with a powerful platform

With Piecemeal, you can:

  • Manage your inventories while controlling your costs.
  • Easily create your recipes and menu items.
  • Create employee schedules while controlling your budget.
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The POS features you need for your quick-service restaurant

Fast Checkout Speed

Process an order in 15 seconds and serve your customers faster

Online & Mobile Ordering

Brand your own app and boost your revenue during slow periods


Easy to use and setup so you can start taking orders in less than an hour


Get the support whenever you need it


Seamlessly connect your POS with third-party softwares for automation and accuracy

QSR Focus

Packed with features to help you reduce your line-ups and increase your profits

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Koomi est réputé pour aider les restaurants à service rapide à maîtriser leur rush. Nous sommes MYR, aussi connus sous le nom « Maîtrisez Votre Rush ». MYR est la solution de point de vente leader qui s’adresse aux établissements de restauration rapide en fournissant les outils dont vous avez besoin pour développer votre business, et ce dans n’importe quel emplacement physique ainsi que dans l’espace particulièrement important du digital. Que vous ayez un ou plusieurs emplacements, ou toute une franchise, nous serons à vos côtés.