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Yo Mama’s Burgers

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Montreal, Canada

As a result of Covid-19, table service dining has been vastly limited or eliminated altogether, and almost every restaurant business has had to strengthen their online presence with a focus on delivery, take-out, and order-ahead service. The pandemic has also spurned the massive growth of ghost kitchens: a restaurant concept that doesn’t require a single brick and mortar location to serve customers, rather sells online exclusively, and uses non-disclosed restaurant kitchens to prepare the food. One particularly unique ghost kitchen concept is Yo Mama’s Burgers in Montreal.

The Approach: Fast-growing and innovative franchise model

Yo Mama’s Burgers, Shakes & Desserts was developed to give restaurants a chance to stay alive in 2020. The concept provides restaurants with an additional source of income by operating, in addition to their own restaurant, a turnkey burger franchise that requires no physical space other than their kitchen.

They currently have 13 restaurant locations, up from just one location in the span of 22 weeks.

The Yo Mama’s Burgers franchise uses 100% Canadian Angus beef, an in house rub and special sauce, combined with a sweet potato bun gives it a decadent and unique taste. Their milkshakes are all prepared to order with a blend of high quality ice cream and toppings. They give their restaurant partners (that meet certain kitchen criteria) the ability to sell YMB branded burgers using online delivery platforms such as Uber Eats.

Over 100 MYR users are now reaching online customers with the Uber Eats and MYR POS integration.

We sell our franchise to existing restaurants exclusively. Our solution gives them a chance to create an added stream of revenue without adding staff to their kitchen or changing any operating hours”

Shan Doha, VP Business Development

Making online ordering easy

The Yo Mama’s Burgers team chose to partner with MYR in order to track sales, and because of the seamless Uber Eats integration. Every restaurant that now sells YMB has converted to using MYR, and the expansion continues. They’ll soon be launching MYR’s white-label ordering app, MYR Online.

We needed a point of sale system that was low cost and turnkey to go along with our sales pitch to suffering restaurants. What’s great about it is that people have no problem learning how to use it, it’s easy to explain, and eat to set up. The team at MYR is really helpful with troubleshooting.

Shan Doha, VP Business Development

New delivery app option

By using MYR Online, Yo Mama’s Burgers will have the chance to sell online with their own, branded ordering app instead of relying on third-party platforms. MYR POS with the MYR Online app option have indeed given YMB the tools they need to keep expanding. In fact, they’ve decided to implement MYR at another ghost kitchen called Portuguys, which is set to launch in the coming weeks.

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