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#1 POS System for Quick-Service Restaurants

Over 1000+ successful quick-service restaurants use MYR to grow their business.

From small business owners to major franchise groups

Restaurants that switch to MYR average up to 30% increase in revenue

In an independent analysis, MYR POS processes orders faster than other POS Systems – making it the fastest POS for quick-service restaurants in North America.

MYR is the easiest POS System for restaurants

We make it easy to use—it’s that simple. Our intuitive interface allows any staff member to easily navigate through the menu and get your customer’s order right the first time.

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No bells & whistles—only the features you need

When assessing a POS, you need to find one that makes sense for your restaurant’s needs and workflow. Here, you get to choose the features you need and remove the ones you don’t.

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Get the help you need, whenever you need it

Nothing is scarier than going through a business failure that causes you to lose your customers. For that reason, we constantly test our software to resolve any bugs you may experience.

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  • Très user-friendly comme plateformeService à la clientèle easy to reach, parfaitement bilingue.

    andrea lemaire Avatar
    andrea lemaire

    The easiest POS in the market and life saver with UBER 🙂 and the best tech support Mr. Tim

    Mohammad Dakkour Avatar
    Mohammad Dakkour

    Awesome customer support

    Andrew Campbell Avatar
    Andrew Campbell
  • Un bon point de vente. Je le recommande pour les restaurants à service rapide.

    Priscilla Lacorde Avatar
    Priscilla Lacorde

    We have been using MYR in all of my cafes for years, after trying out some local and international POS apps, there really is no contest.
    I strongly suggest looking at how much $ and stress you will save yourself by choosing a POS system that is simple, easy to use, easy to customize, and based in Canada with a team of hands on developers and designers that really care about their product and their clients success.
    Its rare to work with companies who care as much about their own product and service, as I care about my own, so the consideration and support is very much appreciated.

    One of the best features I use often is the realtime cloud admin panel that I can check sales in real time, and make adjustments to the menu as new items are released or removed.

    There are tons of features, some I haven’t even used yet. You can have as simple and streamlined an experience as you want, or you can dive into the full menu of robust options available if you really want to maximize it.

    Basically, I cant imagine using any other POS system, because I have used em all, and this is the only one that is worth using.

    sam james Avatar
    sam james

    We were looking for a fast & reliable POS for our cafe – koomi has exceeded our expectations. Always amazing service from Danny. Keep up the great work!

    Jonathan Vannelli Avatar
    Jonathan Vannelli

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