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#1 POS System for Quick-Service Restaurants

Over 1000+ successful quick-service restaurants use MYR to grow their business.

From small business owners to major franchise groups

Restaurants that switch to MYR average up to 30% increase in revenue

In an independent analysis, MYR POS processes orders faster than other POS Systems – making it the fastest POS for quick-service restaurants in North America.

MYR is the easiest POS System for restaurants

We make it easy to use—it’s that simple. Our intuitive interface allows any staff member to easily navigate through the menu and get your customer’s order right the first time.

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No bells & whistles—only the features you need

When assessing a POS, you need to find one that makes sense for your restaurant’s needs and workflow. Here, you get to choose the features you need and remove the ones you don’t.

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Get the help you need, whenever you need it

Nothing is scarier than going through a business failure that causes you to lose your customers. For that reason, we constantly test our software to resolve any bugs you may experience.

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  • As far as POS’s for quick service outlets go, this is by far the BEST one we tried (and trut me we tried…) Easy to access menu and affect changes in real time makes life easy and reduces you stress levels.

    From the moment we chose them, through the training process and onbording we were very happy with their approach and knowledge transfer. The staff is very patient and very gentle on thechnologial dinasors such as myself 😉

    Shortly after we started they developed the white label app for us which we use on our website to offer online orders.

    They also have an iPad based KDS system which replaced the outdated noumerous printers we had at each station, easily programable and very flexible.

    The system in general is friendly to use and easy to train new people on which if you run a resto these days you know how helpful that can be.

    They have recently completed integration to the last one of the major 3rd party delivery companies, which are the main ones in MTL, Uber, DD & Skip and that absolutely changes the game since all of the menu changes, updates, price change, product availability etc you make directly on MYR backoffice and can sync to change in real time to those 3rd party platforms as well!!

    I find their pricing to be very competitive and frankly I am impressed by the level of the customer service you get for it, if it’s a minor thing they might take a day or two but when it was an urgent matter they usually make sure to get back to us sharpish.

    Green Panther had (pre-covid) 6 resto and tried multiple systems before choosing MYR and i must say it made our lives here better for it. They were super supportive and flexible with us during the whole pandemic and even helped us launch a “ghost kitchen” at 0 cost!! for that and much more i am an even bigger fan today…. and i would reccomend anyone with a quick service counter to give them a try and thank me later 🙂

    Disclaimer- I do not have any referral program nor get paid to share this, just am sincerely impressed wiht the product.

    Chaim Shoham Avatar
    Chaim Shoham

    Je suis très content du système Koomi:- Utilisation très facile- Programmation du menu très simple- Support technique toujours présentJe recommande le système de point de vente sans hésiter !

    Clement P Avatar
    Clement P

    Je l’utilise depuis l’ouverture de mon café et j’adore le produit! Facile d’utilisation, avec un support technique extraordinaire!Permet facilement de produire une multitude de rapport! Efficace pour prendre des décisions rapide pour bien répondre aux besoins de la clientèle!

    Audrey Robertson Avatar
    Audrey Robertson
  • Très bon service !

    Julien Charmillot Avatar
    Julien Charmillot

    Awesome customer support

    Andrew Campbell Avatar
    Andrew Campbell

    We moved from an outdated system and our company really benefited from switching over. The learning curve was quite easy for my staff and in a small space like our ice cream shop the size of the POS made quite the difference.All around, everyone enjoy Koomi very much!

    Monika Michalowska Avatar
    Monika Michalowska

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