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Wayback Burgers offers service and quality with a nod to the honesty and integrity from wayback in the day


The Wayback Burgers franchise spans over 10 countries and is now quickly growing in Canada thanks to the brand’s winning formula: burgers and respect. Canadian franchise owner, Rick De Dominicis, knows people can taste the difference when food is made with quality ingredients. Wayback Burgers offers fast-food favourites like burgers and fries, as well as a variety of other items like chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, and hot dogs. The difference is in the quality: they serve chicken that is hand-breaded, milkshakes that are hand-scooped on site, and burger patties that are fresh, never frozen. It’s also a peanut-free environment, and the prices are competitive.

“We always warmly greet our customers, and we also follow up at their table and ask if they’re enjoying their meal. You don’t find that kind of service at most fast-casual restaurants,” explains De Dominicis, who has been the founder and President of the Canadian franchise since 2018.

Wayback Burgers is also very community-oriented, as they support local sports teams and are dedicated to giving back. “We believe in respect for the customer by offering superior service and quality products. We also respect our communities and we respect our franchisees. For the franchisees, that entails weekly or monthly check-ins, giving plenty of support and advice, and sharing marketing ideas.”


Challenge: A useable POS with good service

In the United States, Wayback Burgers uses a point of sale that isn’t compatible with the Canadian market, so De Dominicis had to find another system. He started with a solution in 2018 that proved to be unacceptable.

De Dominicis says MYR’s dedication to the fast-casual restaurant model, the streamlined interface, and the helpful team were all factors in his decision to switch.

Rick De Dominicis
Wayback Burgers Canada

M. De Dominicis affirme que l’engagement de MYR à l’égard du modèle de restauration rapide, l’interface simplifiée et l’équipe serviable ont été des facteurs déterminants dans sa décision de changer de fournisseur.

Solution: “Game-changing” custom functionality with MYR

Wayback Burgers Canada adopted MYR POS around 2019, and it was “smooth sailing” from there. What stands out to De Dominicis was the MYR support team and the ability to offer custom functionality.

“They listened to us and responded. For example, the small iPad display only showed three orders at a time (without scrolling), which isn’t enough when you have dozens of people waiting in line like we often do. MYR was able to quickly update our system with a custom function: an ingredient counter at the top of the display. It allows the prep teams to know how many of each item to begin prepping. For example, they can see how many patties to start grilling, even if they can’t see every single order at once on the screen. This has had a tremendous impact on how quickly we can serve guests,” De Dominicis shares.

The franchise president also claims that the streamlined nature of the system makes it easy to use, and easy to learn.

For De Dominicis, MYR also makes life easier when things go wrong. “Sometimes the printer gets jammed or runs out of paper when we’re in the middle of a rush. These things occasionally happen, but thanks to the ingredient counter on the display, the kitchen doesn’t panic about dropped tickets—they know how many items to prep. It’s just a really smart system—it’s literally a game-changer.”

“We have franchisees with a lot of experience in the quick-serve restaurant business, and many of them have tried many POS systems. Most of them remark that MYR POS is the easiest to learn and to use”

Rick De Dominicis,Wayback Burgers Canada

Success and future outlook

In Canada, there are currently 12 open and operating Wayback Burgers restaurants, and there are over 25 that will be opening in the coming weeks and months.

“Our franchisees are opening multiple locations. We know things are working when our franchisees are expanding. Everyone is growing—it’s a good thing for all parties involved.”

MYR’s reporting is key for both franchisees and franchise owners like De Dominicis.

“I can see all my stores and their sales in real-time with the reporting functions. I can see rolled up reporting and individual reports. It’s really easy to program everything from online ordering to menus from the main panel. These things matter when you own this many locations,” he explains.

“Obviously, the goal for both the brand and each individual franchisee is to grow. Would I say that MYR has been instrumental in our success in Canada? Absolutely.”

Wayback Burgers found a system adapted to its fast-casual franchise model

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