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Mastering the American-Style SmashBurger in Canada with MYR: The Uniburger Story



From Montreal’s vibrant food scene comes a story of success and growth powered by an opportunity to bring a classic American food tradition to Canada, backed by the robust capabilities of a cloud-based POS system.



The Opportunity: American-Style SmashBurger in Canada

Younes Bengeloune, owner of Uniburger, saw an untapped potential in the Canadian QSR market for an authentic American-style “smash burger”—the kind you’d find at renowned establishments like In-N-Out or Shake Shack in the US. Known for their thin, crispy patties smashed onto a hot griddle, these iconic burgers hadn’t quite made their mark in Canada. Bengeloune sought to fill this void by introducing Uniburger, now voted the No. 1 burger joint in Canada.

However, bringing a delicious burger to the market was just the first step. Scaling operations, managing multiple locations, and expanding to a franchise model presented their own set of challenges.

Not only did we need something flexible and cloud-based, we needed something that was designed for businesses like ours. Basically, we could tell that MYR was specifically created for the fast-casual sector, and it had everything we needed to successfully franchise


The Challenge: Navigating Expansion and Digitalization

Prior to 2020, Uniburger was using a POS system that did not fully meet the growing needs of their business. With plans to expand from their three successful corporate stores to a franchised operation, the team required a more cost-effective, convenient, and cloud-based solution to facilitate their growth.

The Switch to MYR

In 2020, Uniburger made the switch to MYR, attracted by its cloud-based capabilities, ease of use, and competitive cost. The change in POS couldn’t have come at a better time, as the company was in the process of transitioning to a franchise model, with two corporate stores and six franchises now under its banner.

MYR in Action: Enhancing Operations and Franchise Management

For Younes Bengeloune, the owner of Uniburger, MYR quickly became an integral part of daily operations. He appreciated being able to access comprehensive reports from anywhere, providing a clear overview of how each store was performing.

For Uniburger, a stand-out MYR  feature is the Location Overview Online, which allows Bengeloune to see sales from all stores at a glance—a truly beneficial feature for a franchise operation.

The daily sales reports are essential for the business. You need to see how stores are performing in real-time so you can make adjustments

Bengeloune, Owner at Uniburger

The ability to update in-store and online menus in real-time was a game-changer, allowing for on-the-fly updates, out-of-stock notifications, and price changes.

Online sales as important as ever

Moreover, the integration with third-party delivery services like Uber Eats and Door Dash streamlined their operations, significantly enhancing their delivery efficiency.

Uniburger also started utilizing MYR’s white-label ordering app, making a switch from DoorDash for a smaller cut, with orders now being fulfilled by Uber. For Bengeloune, the implementation of this feature is expected to further optimize their operations.

Franchising: The Uniburger Way

According to Bengeloune, readiness for franchising came when Uniburger had established a solid base with three well-performing stores that were easy to run and replicate.

“You need to have the right formula, a strong brand, and a level of simplicity. There needs to be serious interest in your product—which we had. That’s when we knew we were ready to franchise,” explains Bengeloune.

The interest from potential franchisees combined with reaching a certain level of sales made the decision clear. MYR played a crucial role in managing this transition.

We’re soon going to adopt MYR’s ordering app, because we’ll save a significant amount on online orders. We love that people can still enjoy the UberEats delivery service, while we handle online orders without the fees.


The Future: Expanding Beyond Borders

With the confidence of successful franchise operations and the support of MYR, Uniburger is poised for further growth. Plans are underway to open three more franchises in the next three to six months, and Bengeloune has his sights set on expanding not just within Canada but also to the United States.

Conclusion: MYR, A Highly Recommended Solution

The Uniburger story is a testament to the power of a reliable POS system for businesses looking to expand and franchise. With MYR, Uniburger has been able to streamline operations, improve franchise management, and set the stage for future growth. In the words of Bengeloune, “Yes, I would definitely recommend MYR.” With plans for future expansion underway, Uniburger continues to rely on MYR to support its journey of serving Canada’s best burgers to more people every day.

Uniburger found a system adapted to its fast-casual franchise model

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