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SpiceBros: A Fast-Casual Take on Traditional Indian Fare

SpiceBros is a revolutionary concept in the quick-service Indian restaurant industry, with the goal of making it possible to successfully run a profitable Indian franchise restaurant with ease and efficiency.

Modernizing Indian cuisine

SpiceBros offers appetizers, wraps, and signature bowls with popular Indian elements like Channa (chickpea curry), butter chicken, and more. Call it traditional Indian, with a modern, fast-casual twist! They’ve optimized their menu for speed, focusing on a few signature dishes that are quick to prepare, but full of flavor. They’ve carefully selected dishes that are popular among customers, and that have a high demand. This has allowed them to keep the kitchen operations simple, and to focus on providing quality food in a timely manner.

What sets SpriceBros apart from other franchises in the fast-casual restaurant space is their unique system that allows them to prepare curries at a central kitchen, which not only ensures quality and consistency, but also allows for faster service and ease of operation for the franchisees. This central kitchen concept not only streamlines the operations, but also helps us to keep the food cost low, which in turn allows them to offer competitive prices to customers.

Karan Bhatti, the owner of the franchise, says that scalability, reporting, and a one-stop-shop solution for both onsite and online orders were key attributes behind their search for the right point of sale.

“We have some serious growth plans, so we wanted a POS that would grow with us. MYR is constantly improving their product. Since day one, they’ve been extremely helpful and flexible.”

Karan Bhatti,Owner

Employee management made easy

For Bhatti, MYR’s integration with 7Shifts has made managing employees a simple task.

“Franchisees handle numerous moving parts on an everyday basis, and dealing with employees can be challenging to say the least. The 7Shifts integration is a stand-out feature, and I keep hearing excellent feedback about how much time (and how many headaches) it saves franchisees and their employees.” 

The 7Shifts app sends sales data directly to MYR periodically—critical data when it comes to managing salaries. 

“The 7Shifts integration gives me information like sales-per-hour, which helps me understand how many staff I need at a given time. Restaurateurs know that labour costs have been through the roof in recent years, so reports like this really help you to make critical cost-cutting decisions,” he says.

Integrations and critical reporting functions

Reporting is essential for both franchisees and franchisors. “We recommend that franchisees conduct their food and labour costs every 14 days. MYR’s reporting features definitely help them manage this. As a franchisor, we need essential information about each location’s sales and other data to help us make these informed decisions,” he explains.

As the head franchisor of several stores, being able to make changes to every location in a few short steps is key.

“The main dashboard helps me keep tabs of all the stores,” he explains. “Not only can I easily make changes to menu items in-store and online, but I can also easily see my online vs. in-store sales. It lets me know which promotions are working.”

“Obviously, we need to provide excellent service both online and onsite. MYR’s integrations with delivery services makes consolidating sales data from both places easy.”

Growth means ongoing support

The Spice Bros franchise currently comprises eight locations, but they are on track to increase that number to about 20 over the next two years. Bhatti shares that as their needs continue to evolve, so will their relationship with MYR

“The MYR support team, especially Tim, has been incredible, and we know they’ll continue to help us as we evolve. I absolutely recommend MYR for this reason in addition to their solid reporting and integrations with other companies.”

Karan Bhatti, Owner

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