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Rock’N Deli knows how to put the “fast” in fast-casual

Rock’N Deli is quickly becoming a success story in Canada’s food court scene as it continues to offer a quality deli experience. Since its inception in 1992, the brand has built a reputation around its old-fashioned smoked meat and fresh products, making it a notably fast-growing deli restaurant franchise.


What started as a humble food court stall in Carrefour Laval has now expanded across Quebec and Ontario, with franchisees owning 17 locations (and more coming soon!). Rock’N Deli’s Montreal-style smoked meat is the star of the show, with its rich flavour delighting customers time and time again. The salad bar is one of the highlights of their menu, boasting 12 different fresh salad options, along with 13 different chicken wrap varieties that are all prepared daily in-house.


The franchise takes pride in its commitment to providing full operational support and training to all its franchisees, regardless of prior experience in the restaurant industry. One of the keys to the franchise’s success is the affordable investment for new franchisees, as the franchisor has implemented an inexpensive concept of food court booths and storefront locations. 


Rock’N Deli’s blueprint is straightforward, making it easy for franchisees to operate and maintain their businesses. The owners of their franchise know how important it is to give their franchisees everything they need to thrive, and according to owner and operator Vicky Arghiriu, MYR POS is one of those essential tools.

Empowering small business owners

For the franchise owner and Vice-President, making sure that each location is performing is of utmost importance.

“What’s great about franchising is how empowering it is for the franchisee. We love giving people the opportunity to start their own business, and we love being part of their success,” she says.

“We switched to MYR POS because our previous point of sale solution couldn’t adapt to our needs. We wanted something cloud-based, easy-to-use, and with real-time reporting. We found that with MYR,”

Vicky Arghiriu,Vice-President, Rock’N Deli

Cloud-based, real-time reporting

MYR’s real-time sales reports are critical for both the Franchisor and for each franchisee.

“The franchisees need to see their sales throughout the day no matter where they are. If they aren’t on site, they still need to be connected to their business. For us as the owners of the brand, seeing their sales each day or week instead of having to wait for monthly reports is completely critical. For example, if we notice that a location is selling too many individual items instead of combos, we can help coach them on how to increase their sales-per-customer,” she explains.

Integrations are game-changers & time-savers

Before adopting MYR POS, RockN’ Deli had to manage several platforms in order to fulfill delivery orders from popular apps like Uber Eats. MYR’s direct connections with third-party delivery companies means they can prepare and serve meals more quickly and with fewer mistakes.

The orders that come in from the delivery companies print automatically to the kitchen and to the cashier. The prep teams get started right away, and the cashiers have the name of the delivery person right on the ticket so it’s easy for them to hand it over.

Vicky Arghiriu

Vice-President at Rock’N Deli

“Preparing food for the delivery service is now as simple as preparing food for customers in front of us. MYR’s direct integration is probably the best benefit of all, because like I said, customers have very little patience and will complain if you so much as miss adding a pickle.”

Speed is the name of the game

When it comes to fast-casual and quick-serve businesses in 2023, speed is everything.

Arghiriu explains, “Ever since the pandemic, people’s expectations for speed have increased. Customers don’t want to wait an extra minute. You can make one mistake, and they will literally give your restaurant a one-star rating.”

She also shares that MYR POS helps to manage the flow between the cashier and the kitchen. “For us, MYR really helped streamline our workflow. The kitchen gets the order with notes such as allergy warnings, and they’re able to prep efficiently. If there’s a mistake, it’s easy to go back and fix. Every minute counts. Our order of operations works in perfect tandem with MYR’s workflow.”

No time wasted

Vicky Arghiriu  says that most employees are able to use MYR within an hour. Since most people these days are familiar with iPhones and iPads, learning MYR is intuitive and familiar. “It’s amazing to watch how quickly people learn the system. Even if they have no point of sale experience, they figure it out quickly. It lets them spend more time learning about the products and how to deal with customers, which is what increases sales,” she says.

Finally, the RockN’ Deli owner shares that she herself was able to quickly and easily learn how to create menu categories and subcategories, and manage the reporting feature thanks to MYR’s customer service

“I feel like Tim is my best friend now,” she laughs. “At first I would call and text him all the time with my questions. The customer service has helped me use MYR to its full potential, and it didn’t take long at all.”

Vicky Arghiriu,Rock’N Deli

Rock’N Deli found a system adapted to its fast-casual franchise model

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