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Serve customers faster with QR Code Menu for Restaurants

MYR QR code menu is the perfect tool to save time, money and generate more revenue.
By scanning your QR code, customers will be able to access your menu and order directly from their phones.

What’s a QR code menu?

A QR code menu is a barcode that contains information of a restaurant menu. With a click of a camera phone, customers instantly access your digital menu.

If paired with MYR online ordering app, customers can put in orders and pay from their mobile phones.

Table ordering with QR codes

  • Speed: Customers don’t need to ask for your menu or wait for the waiter to put in orders.
  • Convenience: By scanning the QR code, customers can see your digital menu and place an order via their phones without downloading any app.
  • Savings:You no longer have to print updated hard copies of your menus – your menu is online.
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A seamless experience

  • Instantly update your online menu and avoid the need to reprint menu.
  • No app to download or equipment to install.
  • No need to look for a QR code – We generate one for you.
  • Makes it easier for customers to open your menu without manually typing your restaurant’s name on the browser.
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How it works


We provide you with your own QR code


Customer scans code to access your menu


Customers can browse our digital menu and pay

We save money, we serve more customers and there’s no downtime. The customer service is INCREDIBLE.

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