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Ono Pokii

Their story

Ono Pokii made its debut on Westmount’s upscale food scene in the summer of 2018. The affluent neighborhood in Montreal is home to discerning palates, and Ono Pokii offers customizable poké bowls with healthy ingredients; think coconut rice, zucchini noodles, and Bluefin tuna belly.


Serving both seated and standing customers

John Weimers notes that even though his restaurant is a fast-casual eaterie, his customers prefer to sit down and then order, rather than order, pay, and pick up before sitting. He wanted to maintain the fast-casual atmosphere, but also be able to cater to his customers’ preference for ordering tableside. The answer: MYR Rover.

“The POS on the iPad is easy to move around, as is the cash register, which is the mobility we were looking for. By adding extra rovers, we could also take payments at the table.”

John W.,Owner of Ono Pokii

Uber Eats streamlines his kitchen operations

With the Uber Eats integration, John receives customer orders right into his MYR tablet and kitchen. It’s a huge relief when the evening gets busy with both physical and online orders. Not having to accept orders from the Uber Eats tablet definitely reduced the time he spends on prepping the orders.

Ono Pokii serves more customers with MYR

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