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How to reduce wait times and serve customers faster

While long lines outside your restaurant might make you look successful, hungry customers often see them as a burden. Consumers appreciate a “buzz”, but they appreciate fast, reliable service and great value even more. By reducing long wait times, you can serve more people—boosting both sales and customer satisfaction.

Here are solutions to help you address the “happy problem” of long line-ups.

Take orders in the line

With the MYR Rover mobile POS, you can task your employees to get out from behind the counter and meet your customers in line.They can then take orders directly from those who are waiting and automatically send the orders to the kitchen to start preparing them. 

Meeting customers at the waiting line allows for personal interactions. It alleviates the frustration of waiting and elevates their experience. Like Philippe Bergeron from Crèmerie Roberval told MYR,

Given the actual situation of the pandemic, the MYR Rover brings us closer to our customers, while of course keeping our social distancing measures. Our customers have not been able to get inside our shop for two years now, when once they were able to meet our staff and see our products upclose. So, MYR Rover represents a real asset for us.

Philippe Bergeron,Crèmerie Roberval

By taking orders in the line, customers go from waiting to make an order, to waiting for their orders to be ready. This shift in perspective enhances your customers’ mood and makes their wait more bearable. It can also turn them into repeat customers since they won’t apprehend getting in line at your restaurant the next time they see a line outside, as they will have the assurance that they will be met with fast service.

Connect the line-up to the kitchen

Coordinating between both lineups and kitchen management is key to ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Taking orders in the waiting line is great, but keeping up with incoming orders and successfully fulfilling each one is how you will effectively manage to reduce wait time and serve more customers.

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) module connects with the MYR Rover allowing for a seamless transfer of orders straight from the waiting line. Indeed, as orders are being taken in the line, they are automatically sent to your kitchen which displays them in real time. As orders are received, you are able to dispatch items to the right prep stations, enabling  optimization and full control of the workflow within your kitchen. You will also eliminate the possibility of overwhelming your kitchen staff and reduce the occurrence of errors while preparing orders before expediting them. 

The KDS is the perfect tool to help you orchestrate all your kitchen operations with high precision. As orders are sent to your kitchen, you can immediately start preparing them and serve customers faster.

Optimize workflow

When customers see a long line-up, they often get discouraged. This could potentially mean the loss of a loyal customer. Increasing speed and efficacy is necessary to reduce customer loss, and increase the opportunity to generate more revenue. The objective is to reduce wait time and keep the line moving.

The combination of the MYR Rover and Kitchen Display System comes as the ultimate solution to busting lines and speeding up checkout. Serve your customers faster, keep them happy, welcome new customers into the line and repeat the process.

Along with the MYR Rover, we also use the MYR Kitchen (KDS). It allows us to automatically send orders to the kitchen. We are able, while the client is paying, to already start preparing their order. The use of both the Rover and KDS significantly reduces our customers’ wait time and allows us to increase our order processing capacity.

Philippe Bergeron,Crèmerie Roberval

From the waiting line to checkout in no time

Sometimes you need a new strategy to tackle an issue, other times, you need new tools to fix the problem. With the line-busting tools MYR offers, you get the tools to implement the right strategy to keep waiting lines moving at a good pace. Save valuable time for your business and your customers and increase your orders processing capacity during rush hours. The faster you are able to fulfill orders, the more new customers you can onboard and the higher your revenue will be.

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