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Grillades Torino

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Mediterranean restaurant


Montreal, Canada

In 1997, Charbel Assaad opened Grillades Torino, a small, fast-casual restaurant with a Mediterranean menu. More than two decades later, they’re still serving familiar favourites like grilled meat, chicken pita sandwiches, and customers appreciate the dedication to fresh, healthy food with a wide array of salads and vegetarian options. Over the years, they’ve become known for their signature merguez sausages (with a unique taste that can only be found at Grillades Torino).

It’s clear that the original owner understood his market, because today, there are 20 Grillades Torino locations across the province of Quebec, in Canada. The franchise continues to grow, and there are constantly new challenges to face.

The way of running a franchise business has changed since Grillades Torino first opened, and they’ve had to adapt. We spoke to Arthur Malet, Marketing Director, to discover how Grillades Torino uses MYR POS to manage and grow their restaurant franchise.

A clunky system with a lot of limitations

Grillades Torino’s business was increasing quickly, but their old POS system wasn’t serving their fast-casual business model, so they started exploring options.

They had been using different POS Systems, but management weren’t satisfied with the lack of standardization across the locations, and the various systems were too difficult to understand for franchisees.

Managing a franchise business is already a challenge, and with a Franchise Manager having to update each menu and train employees, the franchise operations were a lot more complex. It was essential to have a system that would be fast and efficient, with no downtime.

“We realized that our restaurants were not equipped with the right technology and our franchisees had difficulty understanding their POS software,” says Arthur. “The Franchise Manager would sometimes spend days updating the price of one item for all the restaurants.”

“MYR’s interface is so lightweight that the synchronization is immediate across all locations.”

Arthur M.,Grillades Torino

Finding the right solution

Grillades Torino’s old POS system wasn’t adapted to their business, so they started exploring options.

When looking for a new POS solution, the Torino operators knew what they wanted in a system.

Features such as a direct integration between delivery apps like Uber Eats, and the ability to manage multiple locations under one platform were non-negotiable. The search led them to MYR, and the decision to move forward was easy.

“The fact that MYR POS is integrated with delivery apps is crucial for our business.” explains Arthur.

The franchise group worked closely with the MYR team to deploy the software across all locations. Implementing MYR and adding items for all locations was a straightforward process, and MYR was simple enough to train franchisees on the system.

The decision to go with MYR was quick and easy. The franchise group worked closely with the MYR team to deploy the software across all locations.

Integration is key

For Grillades Torino, the ability to save time with smart integrations was crucial. Because using different point of sale systems was causing so much confusion for both the head office and the multiple franchisees, MYR’s integrations with relevant delivery partners massively streamlined their operations. 

 “We needed a system that centralized all online delivery players (SkipTheDishes, UberEats, DoorDash) because this would allow us to be more efficient. Time saved is money saved.”

Grillades Torino found a system tailored to its needs

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