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Drive-thru POS
for quick-service restaurants

Keep the line moving and drive more revenue.

Run your drive-thru restaurant at full speed with MYR

MYR POS helps you connect your drive-thru line, kitchen, and back-office operations on the most powerful and secured cloud point-of-sale platform.

  • Easily take customer orders with an intuitive and easy-to-use drive-thru POS System.
  • Automatically send orders to the Kitchen Display System for preparation.
  • Accept contactless payment at the drive-thru window.
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Take orders through the intercom system

Taking orders accurately is crucial for fast food restaurants, especially when there are long line-ups.

MYR POS helps fast-food chains process orders faster by simplifying the ordering process.

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Relay orders to the kitchen

Improve communication with a Kitchen Display System built for speed.

  • Receive orders from anywhere (online ordering, third-party delivery apps, in-store, drive-thru and more).
  • Send orders to multiple prep stations.
  • Set an extra screen at the dispatch monitor to ensure are ready.
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Receive orders from anywhere

MYR makes it easy to sell from anywhere, whether it be in-store, online or over the phone.

  • Process orders from your website, social media profile or Google My Business.
  • Take orders over the phone and create your own customer database.
  • Take orders in line-ups and send them straight to the kitchen.
  • Receive orders from popular delivery apps directly to your kitchen display screen.
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The most complete POS System for multi-location and franchises

Quick-service restaurants using MYR

Take your restaurant up to speed with MYR

Our MYR experts will walk you through a custom demo catered to your goals. Book a personalized demo now! Or give us a call at +1-844-695-6664.

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with MYR

Our MYR experts will walk you through a demo created to your goals. Book a personal demo now! Or five us a call at +1-844-695-6664.

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Koomi is notorious for helping quick-service restaurants master their rush. We are MYR aka “Master Your Rush”. MYR is the leading Point of Sale Solution that serves QSR establishments providing the tools you need to thrive in any physical location, and in the critically important digital space. Whether you own one location, a few or an entire franchise, we will be by your side.