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Drive-thru Ordering System: How it can help your quick-service restaurant

Drive-thru has grown in popularity in recent years, especially since the pandemic. Fast-food chains and independent restaurants see it as a way to bring a fast and efficient service while maximizing their order volume.  

While these quick-service restaurants have been using the drive-thru concept, independent restaurants are now offering their own drive-thru ordering system for curbside pickup and takeout orders. 

Whether you choose to set up a new drive-thru ordering system or are still considering it, we’ve got the tools you need to successfully implement it for your fast food restaurant. 

In this article, you’ll learn: 

  • What’s a drive-thru ordering system 
  • Why you should implement a drive-thru for your quick-service restaurant 
  • One example of a successful drive-thru setup 
  • How to successfully implement it 

What’s a drive-thru ordering system?

A drive-thru (also called drive-through) ordering system is a system that allows a fast food restaurant to take orders from a window, without the customers leaving their vehicles. 

A typical scenario of a drive-thru order sees a restaurant window and a cashier taking an order from a customer sitting in a car. The order is being entered in the POS System which relays the info to the kitchen staff. 

The kitchen staff receives the order through a Kitchen Display System (KDS) – Depending on the restaurant configuration, an order can be sent to multiple prep stations. Once the order is ready, the dispatch employee verifies the order before handing it over to the customer, through the window. 

Why you should implement a drive-thru for your quick-service restaurant

While it may be a daunting task to adopt a drive-thru concept, there are many advantages of drive-thru for fast food businesses. 

Increase sales volume  

A drive-thru ordering system provides a new revenue stream for restaurants. Customers want convenience in all aspects of their life, food included.

By implementing a new sales channel, restaurant owners increase their chance to succeed and thrive in a highly competitive market. 

Here are some strategies for your drive-thru:

  • Make your food pop in takeout containers 
  • Offer small treats for kids 
  • Give customers coupons and special offers for next visit 
  • Make sure to include the utensils, straws, napkins etc. 
  • Provide extended opening hours during weekends and public holidays


Customers want convenience

Drive-thru plays a huge role in customer convenience – for instance, customers keep going back to places like Starbuck or McDonald’s for its convenience and quick ordering. Eating out is no longer a special occasion but an alternative to getting meals when no one feels like cooking.

With busier schedules and the comfort of their car, customers are choosing restaurants that can provide convenience in the way they like. Restaurant owners need to be looking for new ways to offer better convenience to their customers, without running the risk of losing them. 

Technology is making fast food even faster

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed every aspect of our lives – forcing restaurant owners to adapt quickly both in terms of technology and design.

And for quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, speed and accuracy are two ongoing challenges. Restaurant technology like online ordering or drive-thru solutions can help a restaurant thrive. 

However, restaurant technology is not the only element for success. Integration plays a huge role in making the right decision for the business. Whether it be a food delivery platform integration or a mobile POS, sharing the information in real-time is crucial for any busy fast food restaurant.

Example of a successful drive-thru

Canadian fast-food chain, La Belle Province was established in 1967 in the heart of Montreal, Canada. On the strength of its success, the restaurant expanded and opened up more than 125 restaurants across the province of Quebec. 

La Belle Province is a fast food restaurant serving delicious hot dogs, fresh fries and its famous “smoke-meat” sandwich. 

Sophie, Restaurant Manager of La Belle Province in Mont-Tremblant, reveals her secrets to serving more customers and how she keeps her kitchen efficient during a rush.

All about mobility and speed 

For Sophie, it’s all about the flexibility and mobility of the POS System. 

During the lunch rush, Sophie brings her iPad in the line, whether it be the drive-thru line-up or the in-store line-up, to take customer orders. Once the order is taken, she can fire them directly to the kitchen for preparation.

Her kitchen staff are more efficient – thanks to the kitchen display screens installed on each prep station. With MYR POS features, La Belle Province streamlines their operations, increasing orders and revenue.    

Boost drive-through revenue with MYR POS

Drive-thrus are likely to increase in popularity since the pandemic and it will remain an essential tool in a post-pandemic world.  

New technology has made quick-service restaurant solutions more accessible than ever. MYR POS has been built specifically for this industry, helping over 1000+ restaurants across North America. Book a demo with our restaurant experts today.  

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