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Keep customers coming back with MYR’s Digital Loyalty Program

Boost repeat business at one or multiple locations with an online Digital loyalty program.

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Loyalty for independents and franchises

Give your customers a reason to return! MYR’s digital loyalty program lets you award points for each dollar spent, and converts those points into dollars customers can choose to redeem in the future—online or in store.

  • Simple to implement and manage, and easy for customers to understand.
  • Designed for single locations (independent SMB) or for franchises and multi-locations.
  • Liability calculations: Automatically calculates loyalty dollars earned vs redeemed across all franchise locations.
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Get consumer insights for targeted marketing

Easily track customer spending activity from one dashboard. MYR’s digital loyalty platform lets you download customer data such as name, email, and spending habits in a spreadsheet compatible with most marketing tools.

  • Track all customer spending habits in one place.
  • Export detailed data compatible with most marketing platforms.
  • Use valuable insights for smarter, more targeted campaigns.
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Koomi is notorious for helping quick-service restaurants master their rush. We are MYR aka “Master Your Rush”. MYR is the leading Point of Sale Solution that serves QSR establishments providing the tools you need to thrive in any physical location, and in the critically important digital space. Whether you own one location, a few or an entire franchise, we will be by your side.