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Crew Collective & Café

Their story

Crew Café is a hybrid that offers a free public space in the form of a Café for patrons to use as a workspace and enjoy the food and beverage offering. Clients can either order at the cafe counter, or skip the line and order directly from their website and wait for their orders to be delivered directly to their table.


A cloud-based POS solution was a priority from the get-go

When it came to choosing a POS, they were looking for something “simple, clean, and efficient”. Word-of-mouth was their primary research tool, and they asked several other Cafés what they were using before they settled on MYR.

“We appreciate MYR’s minimalist approach. A simple design will always be more efficient as it remains less cluttered and easier to read. The reports are very well detailed and obviously the Net and tax breakdown are the most useful, and all the others tend to always come in handy.”

Alex Ragoussis,President and Co-Founder

Handling the rush

At Crew, the mad rush tends to start around 11am up until 2pm. According to President and Co-Founder Alex Ragoussis, the staff are able to handle their lunchtime influx of clients by adding a second MYR POS station at the cash that helps place orders, as well as help manage their Meeting Rooms and Day Pass bookings.

Crew Collective & Café reduces their line-ups and increase their profits.

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