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Café Olimpico

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Coffee Shop


Montreal, Canada

Cafe Olimpico isn’t just a cafe, it’s an experience.


Cafe Olimpico isn’t just a cafe, it’s an experience. The iconic coffee shop, with its original store located in Mile End, Montreal, has been serving its loyal customers since 1970. The cafe attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists, and its minimalist menu features staples in hot and cold variations. The baristas at Olimpico are espresso purists, so don’t expect any milk alternatives. Founder Rocco Furfaro’s dedication to maintaining Italian traditions means that Olimpico has kept the same espresso recipe since its opening. The beloved institution offers traditional Italian treats such as Sicilian cannoli, bomboloni, and tiramisu. Deemed a must-visit by innumerable bloggers and travel guides, Olimpico’s success has enabled the brand to expand, and they now boast three locations in Montreal.

The operators behind Olimpico needed to streamline operations in order to grow profits as well as maintain their excellent service at all three stores. Choosing MYR after a less-than-stellar start with another solution was one way they accomplished this.


“We switched to a new POS system because we wanted to improve business operations, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and provide better customer service. The old system was lacking in terms of outdated technology, slow processing time, poor user interface, limited functionality, and inadequate reporting and analytics tools.”

Jonathan Vannelli,Owner


As for their original Mile End location, which had always used a cash-only system, making the transition towards a POS was crucial for the business, as they were looking for a POS that was as fast as cash transactions.  “In terms of speed and simplicity, MYR fits the bill,” he says.


For Vannelli, certain point of sale functions are critical for day-to-day operations.

Some of the MYR features that I find most useful include easy setup and customization, user experience, payment processing, real-time inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and integration.”


Unlike some quieter cafes that enjoy a calm and steady flow of customers throughout the day, Olimpico cafes experience morning and lunch rushes, especially on days where the sun is shining and people want to enjoy the seating areas. It’s not uncommon to see long lines forming outside Olimpico on a nice day! Without the right POS system, delays and even chaos could potentially ensue. Vannelli shares that MYR, in addition to their all-star staff, makes their order of operations smooth, especially during rush times.


“MYR makes my unique operation such as bar service work flow possible because it lets us manage orders and transactions between all locations. Their integrations are also key for fast transactions.”

Jonathan Vannelli,Owner


It’s important to note that as the owner of multiple locations, managing sales from a central dashboard makes Vannelli’s life easier. 

“MYR is really useful for chains and franchises because of the real-time reporting and analytics, centralized menu management and customer loyalty programs. These features can help me to streamline my operations, improve customer engagement and satisfaction, and increase revenue.”

Finally, Vannelli is happy to point out that his positive experience with MYR greatly stems from the customer service he received, especially at the beginning when he was first integrating the platform.

 “My experience with MYR support has been positive. I received prompt and helpful assistance with setup, training, and customized solutions. Shout out to Tim, he’s always there to help me.  MYR offers a dedicated support team that can help me to get started with the system, troubleshoot issues, and customize the platform to meet my specific needs.”


Café Olimpico has gone digital for all of its locations

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