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We needn’t point out that how people eat and drink was dramatically changed in 2020. We don’t have a crystal ball, but based on what epidemiologists are predicting, the first quarter of 2021 will probably feel a lot like it … Read More

Should I open a ghost kitchen or virtual restaurant?

Something that’s on many minds lately is whether to open a ghost kitchen or a virtual restaurant. They both have their advantages, but depending on the type of restaurant you’re running, one might be better than the other. Both will … Read More

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Koomi is notorious for helping quick-service restaurants master their rush. We are MYR aka “Master Your Rush”. MYR is the leading Point of Sale Solution that serves QSR establishments providing the tools you need to thrive in any physical location, and in the critically important digital space. Whether you own one location, a few or an entire franchise, we will be by your side.