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B12 Burgers: From Entrepreneurial Vision to Thriving Franchise


B12 Burgers is a halal burger establishment that has redefined the burger experience, prioritizing affordability and uncompromising quality. Founded in 2018, B12 Burgers quickly gained recognition for its mouthwatering creations, and they have since evolved their menu to streamline the ordering process for their cherished customers.

Driven by a growing demand, B12 Burgers made the strategic decision to expand their reach through franchising in 2019. With 5 locations (and counting), they are continuing to actively seek passionate business partners who share their vision. B12 Burgers values a collaborative and friendly partnership, where both parties contribute to the brand’s growth. Aspiring franchisees are expected to have a genuine appreciation for the product by having tasted their food at least once. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a customer-centric mindset, B12 Burgers seeks individuals who are proactive, responsible, and solution-oriented.


Crafting Juicy Perfection

The brand’s commitment to excellence is evident in their 100% halal, never-frozen Angus beef burgers, meticulously crafted into juicy 200g patties. B12 Burgers has truly reinvented the burger in their own distinctive way, and their offerings are an absolute delight for burger enthusiasts seeking the ultimate burger experience. 

The visionary halal burger franchise is led by the entrepreneurial spirit of the team of franchise co-ownesr. From the outset, franchising was a core part of his plan, fueled by their aspiration to own a franchise. They explain, 

“We already are franchisees of 2 other banners, and we had a dream to one day own our own franchise. We worked hard and found a great product and invested in it along with awesome partners that had the same mindset as us.”

“We chose MYR because we had already worked with them and used their system at one of our other banners which we are franchisees of. Because it was such a good fit at the other fast-casual business, we knew it would be right for B12.”

The owners,B12 Burger

Choosing MYR for Seamless Operations

The decision to switch to a new Point of Sale (POS) system was prompted by the previous system’s shortcomings in addressing customer needs and providing the desired flexibility in reporting. They emphasize, 

“The old system lacked the attention to customer needs. They didn’t offer the flexibility of the reporting system, making our decision to look for something else easier.” This led them to choose MYR, a system they were already familiar with from one of their other franchise banners. 

MYR played a pivotal role in enabling B12 Burgers’ unique operational workflow, including online ordering. The owners and operators commend MYR, stating,

“MYR, in our opinion, has perfected the development of a system that is user-friendly and that encompasses all requirements of a reporting system for a franchise operation.” 

The integration with third-party delivery partners was particularly beneficial, offering convenience and streamlining the ordering process. Moreover, their positive experience with MYR support, including the training and setup provided by Tim Ismajli, highlights the quality of service they received.

“We worked with Tim Ismajli for our training and setup of our POS. He is a relaxed, excellent trainer who made it smooth to use and easy to feel comfortable with the system.”

The owners,B12 Burger

Franchise Owner’s Recommendation

Based on their exceptional journey and experience, the B12 owners wholeheartedly recommend MYR to similar businesses, emphasizing the positive aspects of the system. 

They further state, “We’d recommend MYR In a heartbeat!” They further praise MYR’s integrated features and the team behind it, saying, “The fact that MYR is integrated with third-party delivery partners was a positive point for them to win our business… we have built a friendly relationship with top management because they are experienced, smart, and humble people that value the importance of customer satisfaction.”

Reflecting on the keys to running a successful franchise, the B12 team highlights the importance of a solid, unique product that is not easily replicated, along with clearly outlined goals and guidelines. As a franchisee, they stress the significance of a strong team with effective management skills, placing the utmost priority on client satisfaction. 

According to them, “To run a successful franchise, we should have a solid product that is difficult to copy, along with a set of clearly outlined goals and guidelines that are realistic to achieve…as a franchisee, you need a strong team with good management which is client-oriented.”

Embracing Evolution: Thriving Amidst Changing Consumer Trends

Looking ahead, the B12 owners envision the burger business evolving, with quick-service restaurants thriving while traditional sit-down establishments face challenges. They believe that staying abreast of changing consumer trends, accelerated by the pandemic and rapid technological advancements, will be crucial. They remark, “Trends have definitely changed since the pandemic and they will keep changing… technology is exploding so fast that it’s becoming hard to keep up! MYR is constantly innovating along with consumer trends, and that can’t be understated.”

B12 Burger found a system adapted to its fast-casual franchise model

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