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What the MYR POS + Uber Eats partnership could mean for your restaurant

Over 100 MYR users are now reaching online customers with the Uber Eats and MYR POS integration.


If there was ever a time to ensure your restaurant is delivery-friendly, it’s now. Not only are we dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, but winter in North America has arrived in many places, and that means that food delivery can be a godsend for both restaurants trying to stay in business. With frigid weather and the Coronavirus working together to nearly wipe out dine-in sales, online ordering is one of the only ways restaurants can stay alive.

Teaming up with popular food delivery apps such as Uber Eats enables eateries to squeeze new growth opportunities out of difficult conditions. By creating a simplified menu that travels well, many restaurants are indeed thriving due to delivery sales.

When it comes to mobile ordering apps, restaurants can choose to employ their own custom ordering apps such as MYR Online, or to partner with a delivery platform.

Uber Eats is one of many successful delivery platforms in North America. This year, MYR integrated with Uber Eats to make offering delivery that much easier for MYR POS users.

Benefits of using the Uber Eats integration:

  • Efficiency

All orders are automatically entered into MYR POS—eliminating the task of manually punching orders at the end of the day.

  • Accuracy

Because all orders get sent directly to the kitchen, prep time is faster and there are fewer errors.

  • Time saved

Because of our integration, you no longer need to look back and forth between an Uber Eats screen and your tablet running MYR  POS—it’s all in one place using MYR.

  • Metrics

All important metrics such as daily sales from Uber Eats are available within the MYR POS ecosystem, making it easy for management to make decisions.

  • Customizable

Menu items and prices for Uber Eats orders can easily be changed within MYR POS.

The ability to sell online with ease is paramount this season, just ask Yo Mama’s Burgers. This burger franchise gives Montreal-area restaurants the ability to increase their revenue by offering Yo Mama’s signature burgers for delivery using MYR POS. Through Uber Eats, restaurants can seamlessly offer Yo Mama’s branded burgers and desserts from their own kitchen.


It goes without saying that the operators at Yo Mama’s Burgers would need the right tech tools to make this happen. Says manager Shan Doha.

We needed a POS that was low cost and turnkey to go along with my sales pitch to restaurateurs that really need a solid delivery offering. MYR has been working well for us so far, and we’ll be implementing it in our new ghost kitchen concept next month

Shan Doha,Manager at Yo Mama’s Burgers

Why an integration is so important

Efficiency and accuracy are paramount when running a busy restaurant, even if take-out and delivery are the only services possible. Multi-location restaurants that get slammed during lunch or dinner rushes and that lack the staff to manage everything run the risk of making costly mistakes and wasting time. Using a point of sale that isn’t partnered with a delivery platform is often the cause of these mistakes and poor time management.

The Uber Eats and MYR integration mitigates these issues by housing all the data in one place; giving management a clear view of orders coming in and being delivered.

A popular fast-casual chain that offers modern Indian cuisine, Spice Bros, employs MYR and Uber Eats to manage all of their online orders.

“Through the Uber Eats integration, I can give full attention to my on-site customers. All my orders are automatically accepted and sent directly to the kitchen for preparation.”

Karan Bhatti,Co-owner of Spice Bros

Restaurant businesses have to be extremely nimble and creative to stay afloat lately, and offering delivery seems to be a veritable lifeline. MYR and Uber Eats’s integration is seamless and extremely easy to use. 

How to sign up with Uber Eats and MYR?

Getting started with MYR POS and Uber Eats is easy! First, restaurants must be running on MYR Point of Sale, next, they can get access to the integration in minutes. Just call the team to get started.

This synergy between the two companies is key, as restaurants have no time to waste when it comes to reaching both existing and new customers online—sales depend on it.

For more information about how to make selling online easier, talk to one of our sales experts!

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