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Top 10 of the best blogs for restaurant owners

The restaurant industry is an ever-changing landscape, from consumer trends to new technologies, and everything else in between. 

And to keep up with the latest news and trends of the foodservice industry, we’ve selected the best blogs to add to your reading list:

1 – Restobiz

Restobiz is the number one Canadian blog and publication for the restaurant and foodservice news. Home to the latest industry news, it offers its readers practical articles to optimize their operations. It also covers all the “must-know” trends and data of the Canadian foodservice scene, breaks down all the essential marketing techniques, and much more.

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2 – Menu Mag

An online blog and magazine by the Restaurants Canada association. Across Canada and around the world, Menu Mag shares stories and everything restaurant-related that reflect the constant evolution of the restaurant industry. The content aims to inspire, educate and offer creative solutions to their community.  

3 – QSR Magazine

With a focus on the quick-service restaurant segment, QSR magazine is the leading news source for restaurant owners and industry professionals.

4 – Fast Casual

For the latest reporting and news about the fast-growing segment of fast-casual dining, the go-to source is undeniably Fast Casual.


Not only do they tell you everything you need to know about POS systems for restaurants, but POS USA has also a dedicated blog section that includes articles, guides, in-depth reviews of POS systems, and other categories.

6 – FSR Magazine

The renowned offline and online magazine by industry trendsetters, owners, executives, and leaders, that covers the A to Z of the full-service restaurants. The content provided touches on topics related to food, operations management and growth strategies, offering also free downloadable reports to stay up-to-date on all the latest relevant data and trends.

7 – QSR Web

This blog addresses issues and offers solutions that are specific to the QSR business. They specialize in reporting on industry advancements and showcasing the most innovative brands in the industry. Their experts present their blog readers with industry-specific topics while covering all the important news, trends, etc.

8 – Modern Restaurant Management

Solely focusing on operations and on the business side of the restaurant industry, MRM is the reference in terms of actionable advice, tactics, and tips for managing and growing restaurant businesses.

9 – Restaurant Business Online

On top of covering the latest consumer trends, restaurant and tech news, Restaurant Business offers an informative newsletter that is sent out regularly, podcasts and webinars, all of which are geared towards keeping their audience informed about all the relevant news of the restaurant business world.

10 – Eatery Pulse

Eatery Pulse gives restaurateurs access to all the news and insights that play an essential role in the success of any restaurant business. They focus on the best practices that actually help drive revenue by breaking down the “business of restaurants”.


Stay on top of the latest tech news and reports from review websites with the best resources section.

Software Advice

More than a technology website to read restaurant software reviews and comparisons, SoftwareAdvice has an extensive selection of reports and articles that are a great resource to learn about the latest technologies and best practices in operations and management for businesses.

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