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Restaurant Survival Kit

With full-service restaurants forced to close their dining rooms, staying afloat while complying with the government directives can be a daunting task for most business owners. Since people are forced to stay home, restaurants need to find alternative ways to keep staff working and delight their customers by focusing on takeout and delivery.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of actions on how to optimize your take-out options and restaurant delivery services to deal with the situation.

Step 1: Create your own ordering mobile app

Now more than ever, restaurants are switching to online ordering to keep their business running.  By offering order-ahead, your customers can easily place an order from your website, Google page, or even your social media profile.

This process makes it safe for your customers and staff. You will reach more customers and cut down on hefty fees charged by third-party delivery apps. 

Here are some options to consider using your own app: 

Takeout: A customer can choose from your menu, place, and pay for an order. Then pick up their order at your restaurant.

– Delivery: Opting for the delivery option means that you can manage the delivery service yourself (have one of your staff deliver the orders) or simply find a local delivery service like SnapGrab to have the orders picked-up and delivered to your customers. Most companies offer a wide range of delivery windows (i.e.: Weekly, every two days).

**This will allow you to save the 30% fee from food delivery platforms.**

MYR has a white label online web app for full service and quick-service restaurants wanting to add digital ordering.

Step 2: Minimize and optimize your menu

Beyond reducing staff hours and hours of operation, it’s now time to streamline your menu. Aside from cutting back on waste, you’ll provide a better customer experience. 

No matter what kind of menu you have, here are some ideas to create a takeout and delivery menu:

– Bestsellers: Make sure to make your customer’s favorite dishes the most visible by placing them on top of your menu. These are usually dishes that are in high demand and have a high revenue stream.

Frozen food: Most consumers like having frozen food in stock as a backup solution while it offers a convenient solution for those who don’t want to think about what’s for dinner. By making frozen recipes that you can deliver, you will minimize the waste of any perishable ingredients.

Meal kit: More than anything, customers need a variety of meal options. Meal kit is a creative solution for families wanting to cook together. This could include a pizza prep kit containing a pizza dough, sauce, and toppings. 

Offer a deal: It is proven that promotions make customers happier and are more likely to spend, reorder, and leave a positive review. From two-for-one specials, loyalty programs to limited-time offers, there are many ways your restaurant can benefit from special promotions.

Step 3: Delivery

If takeout is not possible, food delivery services like Uber Eats or Foodora are another way to serve your customers. 

Partnering with a food delivery service can benefit your restaurant in many ways:

Grow your audience: You can potentially reach new customers and have your food accessible to a wider audience.

Increase your sales by 20%: Adding your restaurant to a food delivery platform can increase your restaurant sales volume by 20%.

Streamline your kitchen efficiencyBy integrating your POS with a food delivery service, your orders will be sent directly to the kitchen – making it easy for your kitchen staff to process incoming orders.

To make it easier, MYR is directly integrated with Uber Eats. To support self-isolation measures, Uber Eats waived their delivery fees and provides contactless delivery “Leave at door” option.

Step 4: Let people know

As customers are spending more time online, it’s essential to communicate with your customers about your restaurant’s new ordering methods. Posting useful resources about your new safety measures, hours of operations, delivery times can help customers navigate through hundreds of restaurants’ updates.

Here are a few ways you can do it: 

Update your website and social media: Instagram or Facebook posts and stories are an easy way to connect with your customers. Make it easy for your customers by adding a link of your takeout and delivery to your profile like Creed Coffee shop, which is offering takeout coffee and baking goods. 

Plan content for emails: Send an email to let them know you’re thinking about them. This can include a current promotion or free delivery.

Flyer campaigns: Marketing campaigns using flyers, even if handed out to local customer mailboxes are still an effective way to attract more customers. 

While it may be a difficult time for your restaurant, it will get back to normal. By innovating and implementing these digital strategies, your restaurant can continue to succeed. It should come as no surprise that both takeout and delivery are the best options available to keep your business thriving in today’s economy. 

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