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Koomi POS Helps Restaurant Franchises Thrive Despite Covid-19 Pandemic

January 19, 2021

Canadian Point Of Sale System, Koomi, gives restaurateurs essential tools to streamline functions and provide take-out and delivery service.

Montreal Canada – (December 4, 2020) Montreal-based Koomi POS is rapidly expanding it’s customer base, as restaurants are turning to order-ahead technology and delivery solutions to stay in business in 2020. Koomi primarily serves quick-service restaurants and integrates seamlessly with the popular online delivery platform, Uber Eats. DoorDash integration is next.

Considerable expansion in 2020

As Koomi was designed with the fast-casual and quick-serve restaurant model in mind, businesses in this sector are turning to the solution in droves. The easy-to-use, minimalist design and order-ahead functions are paramount for QSR franchises. Koomi currently serves:

Mr. Pretzels (over 70 locations), Boustan (over 24 locations), Poke Station (10 locations), Sushi Sama (9 locations), Pizzeria Bros (6 locations), Gyros Boutique (5 locations), Yo Mama’s Burgers (13 locations), Cacao70 (multiple), Wayback Burgers (multiple), Uniburger (6 locations), Spice Bros (3 locations), Dixie Lee Fried Chicken (7 locations) and many more.

Dedicated app

Koomi POS offers a white-label delivery app solution called Koomi+. It gives restaurants the ability to reach more customers, and to manage their own online ordering platform without losing money to third-party delivery providers. With Koomi+ mobile ordering system, most restaurants see their revenue increase by up to 30% within a month. 

 “We decided to get started with Koomi+ to help us make better margins off of our sales. It gives us a tool to move away from delivery apps as much as possible—these popular delivery platforms are great to work with, but they really eat up margins.” – Shan Doha, operator at Yo Mama’s Burgers.

About Koomi

Founded in 2016, Koomi is a 100% cloud-based POS made specifically for quick-service and takeaway restaurants. Koomi is the first POS that allows restaurants to fully bridge mobile, online and regular ordering.  Koomi’s iOS platform streamlines the entire process of order entry, making it one of the fastest, most robust systems for any restaurant with a line-up. Today, they serve more than 500 customers across North America.

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