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Messorem Bracitorium

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Montreal, Canada


Messorem Bracitorium brewery located in Montréal’s emblematic district, Saint-Henri, has become a household name in the local craft beer community. Founded by three friends from Montreal’s underground music scene, Messorem’s primary goal was to create beers that the founders themselves would want to drink, and that met their discerning tastes and criteria. The taste, mouthfeel, and appearance of their beers are very precise and specific. Put it simply, Messorem’s beers are brewed with passion and expertise, and can only be found in-house.

A POS System that could adapt to their growth

Messorem grew fairly quickly, as customers easily spread the word about beer with unparalleled taste. With the busy summer season approaching, co-founder and operator, Sébastien, knew his point of sale system wasn’t adapted to his business. He needed a solution that could keep up the pace to serve more customers quickly and accurately.

Beyond making sure his staff could process a large number of orders during the summer season, Sebastien needed to have advanced reporting to make better business decisions. As a small business owner, streamlining operations could significantly improve the bottom line, so he began his search for the right POS.


“We needed a faster Point of Sale System as well as better reporting,” Sébastien explains. “The previous POS System wasn’t adapted to our growth and business type.”

“Getting a system that was flexible and could adapt to our growth was crucial for us, and MYR met all the criteria.”

Sébastien Chaput, General Manager,Messorem Bracitorium

Switching to MYR allowed Messorem to process orders faster

After doing some research, Sebastien found that MYR POS ticked all the right boxes. After hearing about the functionality and flexibility of MYR, he knew right away that it would be the right fit for him and his business.

Implementing MYR POS was a very smooth and easy process. “I never thought it would be possible to set up and use the system right away,” explains Sébastien. “We are really satisfied with the experience we had with their support team.” After the installation of MYR, Messorem created smooth processes for taking orders efficiently, serving customers on time and finding harmony between the kitchen and the front of house.

Additionally, the staff were able to learn how to use the system quickly thanks toMYR’s intuitive menu and integrated payment. “Transactions became much smoother and faster,” says Sébastien.

Messorem co-owners chose MYR POS for its fast and reliable system as well as a smooth and easy setup.

Planning a Shopify integration for the future

As the demand for Messorem’s beers continued to grow, the co-owners looked for various channels that made sense for their brand. Restaurant partnerships with like-minded restaurateurs were one way to extend their reach, and online sales for branded merch were another obvious source of revenue. Having online sales as well as on-site sales consolidated into one system was the next challenge.

With plans to optimize the system, smart integration would be key. “I’m always running out of time, so having our in-store inventory synchronized with our Shopify online store will probably save me some valuable time,” explains Sébastien.

Messorem found a system adapted to its growth

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