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How an environmental company is helping restaurants transition to reusable takeout containers

Takeout is more popular than ever and has proven critical to foodservice businesses adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time where we have become significantly dependent on disposables like takeout containers, consumers have become acutely aware of the environmental impacts. With the impending single-use plastic ban in Canada and the rise of environmentally-conscious consumers, food service businesses must transition away from disposables. 

The Concept

Born in the pandemic, A Friendlier Company is on a mission to simplify reusable packaging so it is accessible, convenient, and affordable for all. 

Realizing that a lot of single-use containers go to waste each year, the company decided to sell their own containers to restaurants using the deposit-return method. 

“Our system allows foodservice businesses to offer zero-waste takeout, without compromising on cost or time”.

Kayli Dale, Co-Founder of A Friendlier Company

How it works

Their Friendlier Containers are Ontario-made and safe for reuse over 100 times. 

Each container has a unique QR code so that customers can track their deposits and impact using the company’s mobile application. Restaurants purchase containers on a per-use basis and then sell their meals with a small deposit.

A Friendlier Company takes care of the rest! They collect the empty containers, wash and sanitize them, and then resell them to create a closed-loop, zero-waste system.

Keeping your restaurant eco-friendly can be a smart business decision for many restaurants. It is not only good for the environment but can also help you save money. 

A Friendlier Company can help your business go green. Check them out here. 

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