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Mastering the American-Style SmashBurger

B12 Burger

From Entrepreneurial Vision to Thriving Franchise

Rock’N Deli

Rock’N Deli knows how to put the “fast” in fast-casual

Wayback Burgers

Burger franchise thanks MYR for great service, custom functionality


A move towards automation and better tech


SpiceBros: A Fast-Casual Take on Traditional Indian Fare

Grillades Torino

Find out how this franchise group streamline their operations with MYR.

Messorem Bracitarium

See how MYR helped Messorem meet the needs of a fast-growing business.

Yo Mama’s Burgers

Discover how Yo Mama’s Burgers opened a ghost kitchen.

Ono Pokii

Check out how Ono Pokii serves more customers with MYR.

Dalla Rose

Check out how Dalla Rose uses MYR to increase their sales.

Mr. Pretzels

See how Mr. Pretzels opened more than 50 locations with MYR.

Tunnel Espresso Bar

Discover why Tunnel Espresso Bar uses MYR to process more coffees.

Cafe Olimpico

Find out how this legendary cafe went digital with MYR.

La Meunerie Urbaine

Check out why La Meunerie Urbaine uses MYR to move their line-ups.

Melk Coffee Bar

See how Melk Coffee Bar manages their 3 locations with MYR.

The Green Panther

The Green Panther saw potential in the growing quick-service industry and didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity.

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Koomi is notorious for helping quick-service restaurants master their rush. We are MYR aka “Master Your Rush”. MYR is the leading Point of Sale Solution that serves QSR establishments providing the tools you need to thrive in any physical location, and in the critically important digital space. Whether you own one location, a few or an entire franchise, we will be by your side.