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5 Reasons To Use MYR’s Punch Clock Feature

How do you keep track of your employees? If you’re still using an outdated time clock, or worse, a ledger where you write in start and end times, you could be wasting valuable time and money. Using an automated time … Read More

How to save money with a better staffing strategy

What’s worse? Not having enough employees during a rush, or having too much personnel standing around with nothing to do? The truth is, both scenarios cost restaurants too much money for obvious reasons. Keeping track of employees seems straightforward, but … Read More

How to save time (and money) in the food truck business

It’s a cliche, but “time is money” continues to hold true in almost every business, especially for quick-serve eateries. How efficiently you use your time directly correlates with how much money you will make, and the food truck business is … Read More

Multi-location Restaurants Need A POS That Can Do These 5 Things

If you want your franchise to be successful and continue to grow, it is almost necessary to have a point-of-sale system installed. A POS system drastically improves the efficiency of your operation by managing data and decreasing human error. While … Read More

Food truck trends in 2018

Having grown significantly over the past few years, the food truck industry is set to flourish in 2018. To attract new customers, food trucks are adapting and changing food preferences by moving toward healthier and more artisanal cuisine. With a … Read More

5 Tips to Help Your Franchise Thrive

Getting a franchise to survive is a challenge. Managing a franchise so that it not only survives but thrives is a feat on its own. Growing a business is difficult even for the most experienced of restaurateurs, so here are 5 tips … Read More

How to expand your restaurant’s reach

If you aren’t using tech to expand your restaurant’s customer base, or if your restaurant’s tech is a single page on a outdated website, you’re missing an important revenue stream. Increasing the use of mobile technology to bring food to … Read More

Ordering apps: an inescapable food trend

Fast food may get a bad rap, but the need for something quick and hot, especially for those who don’t have the time or inclination to cook, is growing. “Doorbell dining” – delivery service from restaurants without their own drivers … Read More

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