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5 Reasons why you should offer mobile ordering

More and more millennials are interested in cooking from scratch and exploring more sophisticated or exotic meals compared to their older counterparts. On the other hand, immediate gratification and convenience is also on the rise.  When it comes to the all-important millennial generation, a key trend to note is ordering meals via mobile apps.

According to recent research, millennials are three times more likely than their parents to use food delivery apps. In fact, it has been revealed that 6 in 10 millennials have used a third-party food delivery app in the past month.

Blame it on increasingly hectic schedules, the need for convenience, or pure laziness, but the massive use of mobile delivery apps is impossible to ignore. Restaurants who don’t partner up with a third-party delivery app or offer takeaway or delivery options with their own app could be missing out on huge amounts of revenue.

If you don’t already offer mobile ordering, here are five reasons why you should:

1. Increase your profits – because almost everyone else is

While you debate about whether or not to launch meal delivery, consider this: many of your competitors are already likely to increase their revenues by up to 30% by partnering with popular delivery apps. In the U.S alone, restaurant delivery sales will rise an average of 12% a year to $76 billion over the next four years. Don’t let consumers access your food using their phones, and you could easily risk losing them to competitors.

2. Minimize human error due to inaccurate ordering

Humans are amazing at creating mouth-watering combinations of textures and flavors, and so far, robots haven’t been able to successfully cook meals in restaurants. What technology can improve, however, is the accuracy of taking orders. Phone calls can often result in miscommunication that leads to mistakes in the order. Those wrong orders can seriously impact customer satisfaction and can be avoided with ordering via a mobile app.

3. Build customer database

It’s almost impossible to capture valuable customer data from patrons who eat at your restaurant in person. Apps, however, enable capturing information such as email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers. This information is key for both market research as well as increasing repeat business with special offers.

4. Reach diverse audiences

People who order online aren’t necessarily the same as the ones who come to your restaurant to dine. Some people simply order delivery far more than then dine out, and extending your offering over mobile is crucial for accessing this growing segment.

5. Maximize your slow periods

In some cities, the deep winter months mean that people prefer to stay home and eat-in. This lull in sales can hurt restaurants, but it can potentially be softened by offering meal delivery, or at least take-out service. It’s a simple way of accessing consumers where they are – at home!

MYR users can team up with popular third-party delivery apps to get in on the mobile ordering game. Moreover, they can create their restaurant’s very own ordering mobile app using MYR Online. MYR Online is a white-label app service that lets you create an app with your own colors, logos, menu options, pricing, discounts, and more.

If you’re ready to give your customers a new way to order, contact one of our customer success managers to get started today!

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