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5 good reasons to ditch your old cash register for a POS System

POS System: A necessity for quick-service restaurants

Technology plays an important part for restaurants, however, due to social distancing, they now need to rely on tech tools to help them grow and improve the customer experience.

But if your old cash register is not able to adapt to the needs of your customers, it’s time to upgrade it: older cash registers can be responsible for the loss of customers, loss of data and loss of productivity during power outages.

In this article, we explain why you should put your old cash register aside and switch to a newer system:

1. Payment takes forever

Do your employees have to manually enter the order amount into the payment terminal? If the answer is yes, it’s time to switch to a fully integrated POS system that automatically sends payment information from your POS to the payment terminal.

And with today’s social distancing rules, it’s crucial to have a contactless terminal. Not only your customers can pay without touching the terminal, but they are also protected from any theft through encryption and data technologies.

2. There is no way to see your customers’ spending habits

We all know it: data is the new gold.

A system that allows you to capture data is good, but a good POS system should do more than collect data: it should be able to provide you with comprehensive and insightful analysis based on your sales from anywhere.

An intuitive, cloud-based point of sale system allows you to:

  • Increase your sales by serving your customers faster.
  • Optimize the productivity of your employees by reducing the time spent on calculating, and manually entering amounts.

3. You have no online visibility

Let’s be honest: The current pandemic and outdated legacy systems do not go well together. Older cash registers do not offer the tools to help you make more sales nor to find new customers online.

And to keep up with the rapid pace of change driven by consumers, restaurant owners are progressively turning to digital tools such as:

And if you still take orders over the phone, a phone ordering system is the perfect tool for managing your orders and acquiring your own customer database.

4. Your restaurant line-ups don’t shrink and customers are unhappy

Any restaurant owner knows that peak hours (at lunch or dinner, for example) are vital for the success of a restaurant. When it comes to dealing with long lines and a bustling kitchen, mistakes can be numerous without a proper system.

Having a system capable of taking orders from a line-up and automatically sending them to the kitchen for preparation is essential to keeping customers satisfied and improving the efficiency, accuracy of orders.

5. You cannot manage your entire business from the same system

Are you spending more time managing delivery apps from different tablets; a cash register and a payment terminal, all separately? If the answer is yes, you know that it is definitely not the easiest way to run a restaurant.

MYR is a Point-Of-Sale system built for quick-service restaurants and features fully integrated ordering apps for take-out and delivery. Sell, manage and grow your restaurant from one powerful platform.

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